Founder, CTO, Product Designer, Ice-Cream Enjoyer.

I love creating teams and tools that help make the world more interesting.

Working on something amazing? Let me know about it on Twitter: @jm3

These are some of the things I've made. Click pics for more info

140 Proof, the social technology company

The Interest Graph Co.

Founder (CTO & product designer) of 140 Proof, the social API company building the Blended Interest Graph.

Pivots are Awesome

Pivots are Awesome

Recent talk for entrepreneurs at Detroit's tech startup incubator. Audio with slides.

Interest-based ad matching at the speed of commerce

The Interest Graph API

Interest-based recommendation engine at the speed of commerce. Over 500 million users indexed.

Say Plus 1.

Plus 1, Positivity Accounting

+1, a web service, was an experiment in making gratitude visible in online transactions and conversations. Rad.

Awesome configs for your shell & mac.

Unix Nerdery Made Fun

Dotfiles: my awesome configurations for everything from ack and git to vim and zsh.

Organic Inc, home of Apache, the banner ad, and the internet as we know it.

Organic, Innovation Lead

Led a team of great front-end engineers, built the company's first experience design group. RIP $OGNC

Feed Me Links, Social Bookmarking with Soul. Since 2002

Public Link Archives

Before and StumbleUpon, there was something called Feed Me Links. I swear. (social bookmarking.)

The Science of Hybrid Thinking

Design Sleeps with Tech

I gave a talk once about working with people who are "hybrid" web developers, i.e. who design + code. People seemed to like it.

Bet Your Followers

Followers as Game Pieces

What if Twitter followers were legit social currency: would you wager them for the chance to earn more?

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